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Editing functions

Add / Editing Compounds

Below find an example of the 'Edit new compound'-window which allows to add or edit compounds. Please note that LiqCryst stock-data can't be edited.

New Compound

The molecular structure in the upper part of the window is easily added via drag and drop from the internal formula-editor(link) of LiqCryst, or by copy and paste from other formular-editors. 

Add / Editing properties

The following graphic refers to the above compound and shows the 'Edit new / existing property'-window in which the density statement is assigned the colour 'red'.

Edit Exist Prop

which in the 'Single Compound'-window will then appear red.
New Compound Reg

Add / Edit references

The Edit new / existing reference' - window gives the opportunity to enter data as: title, editors, year, volume. Even a preselection from the most frequent publishing authors is available.

New Reference