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Search Compounds

Search Compounds by Mesophase:

A search which can be carried out to produce liquid crystals with similar/identical phase behaviour.

The family search of phases will broaden the search to corresponding phases so that for example SmecticA (A), TGBA (A#), Re-Entrant SmA (Are) will all be found. Its also possible to specify 'S' for any smectic phase.
Search Mesophase

Search by Line Notation:

This search involves entering an abbreviated molecular formula and is best used for simpler liquid crystal structures.

If for example you search for the following molecule:

Search Mesophase 1
You must first convert it into its line-notation:


Now this can be entered as a search string
Search Line Notation

Search by Fragments:

This search allows you to build up a liquid crystal structure in the form of specific segments of the molecule as precisely as required. A display of all molecules that fit the criteria will be produced.

To search for the structure:

Search Mesophase 1

the following details should be entered into the 'Search by Fragments' - window:
Search Fragments 2

Search by Classification:

A very general search in which groups of liquid crystals are searched for which obey certain pre-selected molecular classifications.

In the example below, you search for liquid crystals that undergo a ferroelectric phase, possess a calamitic, symmetrical phase but don't undergo a discotic phase.
Search Classification

An extract from the result list would look like this:
Search Classification 2