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The 'graph'-menu

Each time a graph window is opened, two more entries appear in the main menu: graph and mathematics

 The graph menu

This menu allows you to change the appearance of the graph according to you needs and preferences.
Graph Menu

Below find some selected examples from the graph menu.

For example the graph from the 'Tables and Diagrams' menu would look as below, if you apply the menu-item 'Curves+Area' from the sub-menu '3dimensional'.

Further  adaptions and changes can be done via 'Design' in the graph-menu.
Graph Design Menu

If for example you choose the menu-item 'Lines' a dialog as in the graphic below appears where you can change the colour, pattern, symbols etc. of the graphline.
Graph Design Line

While choosing the menu-item 'Axis' you can change various parameters like 'Min', 'Max', 'Delta' of the x-, y- and z-axis.
Graph Design Axis